Tech Ed New Zealand, Day 2

Yesterday finished off pretty well. I attended a fun session on PowerShell given by Kirk Jackson who was in good form. Slightly risqué, in places and very amusing. For a topic that could have been quite dry it was a really fun presentation. Then I donned my “expert” hat (literally, we were given blue caps with “Expert” written on them) for the Meet the Experts session which turned out to be a good, fun, informal beer-and-snacks kind of affair. Talked about why real men prefer [MessageContract] over [DataContract] (go MESTians!) and was a largely innocent bystander in a cool conversation about location aware services for mobile workers. I really hope that idea works out.

Nigel invited me for dinner with Iain, Jason, Dave, and Eric (and his partner). Good fun all round, especially the travel stories. Must remember that slacks, cell phones, and roller-coasters don’t mix. A lot of the softies are heading over to Sydney to speak at the Australian Tech Ed, and were wondering where to go and what to do for fun. I suggested the ferry trip to Manly not only because it is a stunning trip through Sydney harbour and because Manly is itself a fantastic place, but because the idea of a troop of softies milling round Tirsen‘s home turf amused me greatly, in an evil genius kind of way. Mwahahahahah!

I bumped into my mate Anna this morning in the lift just as she was heading back to Sydney after less than 12 hours in Auckland. I missed her talk here but am determined to catch it in Sydney. She also invited me onto her table for Sydney’s “Meet the Experts” session. I feel like such a fraud – I’m going to get a cap that says “Duffer” instead of “Expert” just so you’re clear :-) Still I feel there will be a supremely ironic comedy moment sometime in my future with that hat. Be warned…

Right now, I’m now fighting the PowerPoint template I’ve been given for my slide deck and supping a decent cup of coffee, rather than they brown sludge available over at the conference centre. A few last minute tweaks and I’m all set. And what good timing, because Nils, Nigel, and Anna have just walked into the same café. Time for a natter :-)

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